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The question you should be asking isn't, "What do I want?" or "What are my goals" but "What would excite me?"
- Tim Ferriss

what we offer

All coaching services are based on evidence based practice and underpinned by Applied Behaviour Analysis – this should reassure you not phase you - the key point of difference is behaviour analysts are constantly looking to build independence - you are working with someone who is in many ways planning to make themselves redundant!  Not that we leave you hanging! You can keep coming back – but all coaching services are designed to begin with intensity and reduce support over time, based on your needs.

REAL: Parenting

REAL Parenting – parent coaching - provides you with advice and guidance on ways to be an effective influencer in your children’s life.  Rediscover practical strategies and techniques that you may know intuitively but forget to use, and develop ways to integrate them easily into your daily routine.


REAL Me – coaching and personal development – values driven and targeting both your strengths and passions to discover the life you REALLY want

REAL: BUsiness

REAL Business – consultancy service – covering professional development and staff engagement focused on aligning company philosophy and mission statement with actual practice


REAL ABS – fitness goals - based on a personal vision or short term goal – focusing on establishing alignment between  your values and beliefs and your daily habits and routines

Meet Kate...

Kate Winchester is a practising psychologist (WHC) and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), sports model competitor, volunteer firefighter, equestrian, classic car owner and creator of the REAL ABS coaching framework.  Despite wearing many hats there is a common theme running through her life - the passion to lead by example and share the science of behaviour.  

Take the uncertainty out of making changes or dealing with difficulties in your life, or business by investigating online learning or coaching with Kate - discover practical strategies that are sustainable, and focused on long term solutions and ultimately your desired outcome.


Changing direction in life or deciding to rethink what you want from your business or relationships isn’t a sign of a midlife crisis – it’s about acknowledging your desire to grow, redefining  your vision and just doing it!

Kate Winchester

real abs

Real Abs is a values driven coaching service with a focus on what’s working and what needs changing or adapting according to your current situation.  Clear achievable targets are set jointly with an emphasis on setting yourself up for success from day one.

Growth and change don’t have to be painful!  REAL ABS breaks down the myths around performance and achievement and explains the rationale behind habits and changing what you do.

Inspiring others...

"I met with Kate the night before my comp, I’ve always lacked confidence and my goal was to have good confident stage presence. I had received bad news the day prior to the comp which left me questioning my ability even more. Kate gave me a few simple but ‘extremely effective’ techniques/tools to help overcome this. On the day I was continually repeating these techniques which had already completely re-adjusted my whole mindset, and ultimately, “I performed how I wanted to be perceived-confident and able”  which I believe is purely only because of the techniques she taught. Kate has literally 100% blown me away, her skills are extremely effective!. I genuinely 100% recommend her if you want to reach your full potential. Amazing."

Muscle model logo.png

Bonnie Law

Overall Figure Champion at ICN Muscle and Model Comp 2021

Bonnie Law.jpeg
Glass Buildings

All decision making is value clarification – Tony Robbins

What other people are saying...

"We felt that Kate really honed in on what we were trying to achieve for our members. She gave insight and practical strategies on how we can improve, not just the way in which we interact with our members but also how we can improve our environment to make it a safer space. The session was engaging because we were able to give our real life examples of what we were experiencing with our members, to which Kate helped to break the scenarios down so that we could understand the experiences and then move forward with a solution".

Nadine - Snap Fitness, Whangarei

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